Site News and facing reality

Today is phasm’s birthday. The site is now one year old and thus the hosting fees came up renewal. Whilst I managed to drag together enough funds to pay for 3 more months of web hosting, I did so by having to squeeze every penny out of every nook. An exercise that has left me totally broke. How I have made so little last so long is something few would believe to be true.

News of our monetisation attempts

For the last six months I have though been running an experiment with my personal blog Conceptual Reflections . Part of that experiment was to try and attract visitor whom I could earn from either directly through sponsorship or indirectly through advertising. I now realize that any idea that some visitors would pay/donate after reading is foolish.

Similarly whilst I was slow to finally decide to use advertising as a source of revenue, and it initially began to prove promising it seems changing algorithms with Google and Youtube can reduce traffic by over 90 % over night or as with my 99% reduction.

Thus it seems despite my best efforts to get Conceptual Reflections and my Youtube channel to be more productive and provide the means to continue the phasm concept I seem to constantly have to face new obstacles and challenges: and they slowly wear me out.

Facing Reality

This year has seen me earn less than £400 pounds and as a consequence I have, over the last seven months been reduced to living off the Charity of others.  One is both grateful and one is not, for in truth such an existence is little more than suffrage: with one reduced to a slave, a victim who is too poor to complain.

A wise man once said that death is preferable to taking the advice of a fool and I think he was correct. So unless my fortunes have a major turn around I will be forced to kill the site for death is prefereable to being another man’s slave.

I will keep the material up until the inevitable and it shall similarly remain free and open.. so if its useful.. download it whilst you can.

that;s all the news I have I’m afraid






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