I created this page to give some better images of my dog Pinto who was taked from Amar Singh Chowk of on February 8th.

Pinto was last seen getting on a bus to Hospital Chowk after which he disappeared.

I believe he has been taken and is now tied up or fenced in somewhere.

If you know where he is I am offering a 50,000 Rs reward for information leading to his recovery.

please send a photo via whatsapp on either of these two numbers

mobile 98 28 78 4793

whatsapp +44 7487 400 792

Pinto is a small neutered male of appro 11kg. He is vaccinated and microchipped and was due to be taken with me back to UK. If he is not found soon I will have to leave without him

Pinto’s story

Pinto came to me as a small puppy I rescued a year ago on the 2nd day of lockdown here in Nepal. I was sat at my PC, working or reading the news when I heard a commotion outside. I recognized the yelps and growl of a puppy so went to investigate.

Outside I found a neighbor pushing a tiny drenched puppy, for she had just poured a bucket of water over it, with a broom. I realized this little thing stood little hope of survival and so I went back inside and retrieved a basket I had bought to make a planter, an old sack, some string and some scissors to make a lid. I then went back out and the puppy had already ran into another neighbors garden. I went in and told the householder that I would catch him.

He was tucked into some plant pots and was snarling. So I quickly stitched a lid onto the basket and then took a small broom and waived it at he. As he lunged at it I grabbed him with my other hand, put him in the basket and then tied the sacking down.

This was him when I got him home.

more to come as I will share Pinto’s story from lockdown, our moves and our project work in Nepal.

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