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As a last ditch attempt to save planet Earth I have decided to concentrate my efforts through my own web sites and new blogs… To this aims I have re-uploaded the Persephone Habitat and Soil Management Site (if I hadn’t you couldn’t read this) so all my old posts are now back up and available to read. I will in time revise the site so that it continues to serve it’s original purpose: to provide free information and advise on building sustainability. I will also use it to continue to blog on environmental issues and developments. I have similarly set up several sub-domains which I will use to both blog and share detailed news on relevant projects I am involved with. These include: my Photo-Blog Here I will post short light-hearted posts supported by images and photo galleries. The site will act as a main repository for all my images which are available for personal use subject to correct attribution and linking back to the site and for purchase of higher quality prints (copyright and re-use) click to register with the site I have also created a site for Nepal . This site will concentrate on the projects I am working on that are related to Nepal. In addition to myself there are currently three other contributors but as projects progress I hope to increase the contributors so that a network is created that integrates the projects and shares information and resourses in a cooperative capacity. Click here if you want to contribute I will similarly be creating new pages for the Persephone project, I originally created a sub-domain but until there is more than just me working on it it doesn’t need it’s own site. It’s purpose is to promote the data ecosystem I believe can be contribute to tackling climate change on a global scale. Through the Persephone Project I hope to build a network and connect with people who have the web and app development skills to build the data ecosystem I envisage. One that can provide subsistence farmers with access to critical knowledge and to similarly act as a means to build a data cooperative so that those farmers can share resources, plan and market their produce collectively. Subsistence farmers number some 600 million people world wide (UNFAO), add in the family and that number jumps to over 3 Billion (half the worlds population). It is also within this group that the greatest population growth is occurring, the UN estimates between now and 2050 Africa will account for 50% of the worlds population growth. So it is with the poor that the greatest amount of work needs to be done and it is with the poor that the Persephone Project will concentrate its efforts. If you have web, app, database, distributed network or blockchain skills and think you can help then contact me  here. I will, when time permits revive my old blog conceptual-reflections. It was originally created to provide me with a place to vent my frustrations and keep my red flag waving antics off phasm. Age hasn’t subdued that need so I still need it but feel the above sites are not the right place for an ‘angry old man’ to spout venom. I will provide links once it has been revived. As a one man band who would rather be growing vegetables and chasing butterflies it is though a slow process. Building the sites and writing the posts as well as trying to phyisically build projects takes time and effort and there is only 24 hours in a day, six of them I need for sleeping. But we march on regardless, we continue to try to save ourselves from ourselves for failure is not the absence of success but giving up, and I haven’t yet reached that point. As long as one flower remains, there is hope. and I will cling to that hope regardless of how futile others think it is. Thanks for reading and please leave a positive comment or better still registered with any or all the sites above and (once I’ve set up the newsletters) you will get notifications of new posts. Regards Malcolm McEwen (aka Greenman-23)
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