Free ebooks

A very basic list of books useful to the student which are free to download.

Like many free things in life they may well, as many have disappear from the net so I would suggest where possible you download and keep this material within your own library.

Where possible and where the originator (that’s moral right holder, as in the author, and not the copyright holder, as we don’t do, or respect copyright at phasm) has given me permission to do so,  I will ‘mirror’ as many of these as I can. Many of the others I have or intend to download and keep and if requested will share. With this in mind I will devise a labelling notation to communicate the possible locations of the document. 

free and downloadable books and literature

Plant Physiology on Line, 5th Edition

Zinc in Soils and Crop Nutrition

Journey to Forever Online Library lots of great free resources here including:

Sir Albert Howard, An agricultural testament

Maye Bruce, Common sense compost making

Newman Turner, Fertility Farming

W.A, Stephenson (founder of Maxicrop) Seaweed in Agriculture

and from Google:

white RE (1997) Principles and practice of soil science: the soil as a natural resource

Free Cultural Works (CC BY-NC-SA) Malcolm McEwen (2012)

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