IRCCA Organisation

Integrated Rural Community Centre for Agriculture, Meluf-Kumbo, Cameroon


IRCCA is an a-political, not for profit Common Initiative Group created to facilitate the improvement and diversification of agricultural practices in Cameroon. Having identified the heads of households and the unemployed youth as being the two most significant and vulnerable groups in the community, IRCCA has concentrated its efforts and resources on developing programs to specifically target the needs of these two groups. In assisting the older men and women, the heads of families who run the farms, to adopt new methods and practices, and the young and unemployed, who are deprived of the opportunity to learn, we hope to strengthen our community at both ends and develop programs that are continuous and deliver lasting improvements.

To date our efforts have proved worthwhile; for in our short four years of existence we have achieved considerable improvement within the families that have embraced our schemes. Improvements that have raised living standards and income sufficiently to be able to start sending their children to secondary school, an opportunity which was not previously affordable. Having delivered and proved the value of the early initiatives IRCCA now seeks to continue, both within and outside Cameroon, expanding and building upon these successes. With this in mind IRCCA plans to extend and intensify its future programs by actively seeking international cooperation and direct assistance from specialist in sustainable agricultural development.

IRCCA program structure


The 4 three fold structure:

IRCCA’s strength lies in it’s sound management and organisational structures. Structures and programs designed to prevent reliance on external events, advisors or organisations and instead maintain and reinforce the organisations internal independence.


IRCCA knowledge base and core strength

The core strength of IRCCA lies in it’s own community; it’s knowledge and resource base. The heart of the organisation, this knowledge base occupies a central position in the organisations structure. Beneath and protected by this heart are IRCCA’s principle areas of interest: it’s members and the Meluf-Kumbo community: The people and the programs that matter most to them.


IRCCA community farm

The community farm of IRCCA has been developed using communal land donated by the municipality. IRCCA hope to use this land to trial new crops and techniques; to train members and as a hub for external advisors and experts.



IRCCA scholarship and micro-finance initiative

The micro-finance initiative has similarly been designed to help IRCCA’s members to excel and progress. With both internal scholarship and project funds IRCCA’s programs, whilst capable of benefiting greatly from external sponsorship, are not dependent on successfully finding outside funding.


The Fourth Way
A grass roots initiative IRCCA, Its core vales and operations are all independent of external advisers or sponsors. Whilst IRCCA needs and wants these people to help it progress it is in an enviable position where it’s self creation and independced permits it   to economically exploit sponsors and advisers and to integrate often highly specialised professionals easily into it’s structure.

Visit  the  Executive pages to learn about IRCCA management structure or the Community pages to meet the residents.

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