IRCCA Executive

Integrated Rural Community Centre for Agriculture, Meluf-Kumbo, Cameroon


Foreword by IRCCA president (Ngong Edwin Nkainin)

Arise, Take Up Thy Bed, and Walk! (John5:6-9)
Across sub-Saharan Africa and Asia families face hunger and starvation on a daily basis. Many are forced to live miserable lives whilst at the same time there are animals in the developed World who eat more and better on a daily basis than many families here could ever afford.

Whilst the World is plagued by natural disasters this one, for the World has enough resources to feed all of Humanity, is one of our own making. Addressing this growing gap between the rich and the poor of the World has become such a tortuous task that many workers are now forced to choose personal hardship and poverty or face defeat. The global social and economic rifts that have facilitated this have further encouraged greed which has similarly eroded and undermined efforts towards the development of an equitable and fair World.

In the absence of the political and social will amongst our leaders to address these problems we the poor are presented with one last solution; Ourselves. With the determination to take up the challenge, to confront our problems and to resolve them we at IRCCA call on all who share our dream to come and share in our mission. Let us set aside any differences, real and imagined, and work for a common good. Let us all answer the common call and Arise! Take up our beds and walk: walk towards a better future.

IRCCA President and Vice President

Mission Statement
“to engage in the development and adoption of sustainable and appropriate technologies, practices and diversification in rural agriculture with the specific objective of improving rural living standards“.

Furthermore and to facilitate the mission IRCCA will encourage empowerment through knowledge and will actively seek to develop literacy and educational programs, both within its own organisational structure and in partnership with other government and non-government organisations.

Organizational Structure of Executive and Membership

executive structure

The president: Presides over all meetings.
The Vice president: Assists the president and acts as the president in the case of absence.
The Secretary General: Communications and publicity.
The Financial Secretary: Responsibility for financial statement and accounts.
The Treasurer: Controls the organisations’ funds.
The IRCCA membership elect the executive who similarly report to the membership.

Objectives and Programs
The primary objective of IRCCA is to improve rural livelihoods through improved agricultural production. To achieve this IRCCA have designed targeted initiatives within the community and organisation to help tackle the practical and bureaucratic problems they encounter. These mechanisms and structures are dealt with in further detail in the Organisations pages.

Meet the President, and the IRCCA Members.

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