IRCCA Cameroon

Integrated Rural Community Centre for Agriculture, Meluf-Kumbo, Cameroon


IRCCA President and Founder: Ngong-Edwin-Nkainin

The Integrated Rural Community Centre for Agriculture is an autonomous self help group that was formally established with “articles of association” by it’s current president Ngong Edwin Nkainin in October 2008 under the motto:

Sustainable Agriculture through the introduction of modern agricultural skills as a means of improving the living conditions of the rural masses who depend entirely on agriculture for a livelihood

IRCCA’s Mission Statement Is:

“to engage in the development and adoption of sustainable & appropriate technologies, practices and diversification in rural agriculture”


         The Community

executive structure

IRCCA, it’s executive and members, are all farmers from the community it serves. The organisation, established in the first instance to act as an information hub to both maintain and enhance the existing agricultural knowledge pool: also intends to exploit collective bargaining power by establishing co-operative sourcing of supplies and produce. With the savings made they hope to establish a scholarship fund as well as provide for the organisation.

The organisation similarly has access to community land which they intend to develop as a community farm for trialling new crops and techniques as well as a training centre and social hub.

Additionally and separate to the scholarship fund IRCCA hopes to establish a micro-financing venture. Initially to assist members own projects but also with the intention of developing an outreach and extension program with other communities and external agricultural advisers.

IRCCA Objectives and Program Structure include:


IRCCA program structure

Knowledge & Resource base
Co-operative purchasing and marketing Scholarship and education Fund
Communal Farm
Training and teaching in husbandry Trialling new crops/new techniques External Advisors and Experts
Financing Members personal initiatives
Financing outreach and extension programs


IRCCA Organisation           IRCCA Executive 

Meet the IRCCA   Community             articles of association. pdf  {filelink=6}
IRCCA and phasm:

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