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A summary and links to the pages and further information to all the projects that I have been or am currently involved with as phasm and GSS. If you are interested in any of our projects, or you have a project of your own, and you want to get more involved with us then please do get in touch: use the contact form to the left to do so: we look forward to reading your mail 🙂

Current Projects:

😎 Fertility is a game of Footie: not yet kicked off! So you have to wait

🙂 IRCCA Kumbo Cameroon

😉 Sharda and Khawaja Seri Kashmir

😎 Phasm Science Garden

😉 ODAM Turchilli Tamil Nardu


Past Projects:

Details on which can be found in the publications pages

Wrap STA00015:
Back in 2002 a company called Stockbridge Technology Centre (STC), an old ADAS research station based in Selby North Yorks, won a contract from a London based company called Enviros; who in turn had won a contract from the Quango WRAP (Waste Recyling and Action Plan). All this contract winning was to write a report on the benefits of compost to end users: but they had a problem. None of the people who had actually won the contract could actually write the report: and then they found me! You can read the whole story in the story of phasm 02 or a summary on the publications page.

Cosmeston Community Farm:
A now defunct local organisation in South Wales, Cosmeston Community Farm had ambitions to turn an old quarry into an educational centre. The project was on an uphill struggle from the start and after a brief site visit it was clear to me that their dreams could and would never become a reality at the site they had chosen. I none the less wrote them a report which can be downloaded from the publications page.

Jersey Worm Farm Everything has a beginning and this is the beginning of everything as far as phasm and GSS is concerned. The first project and the whole story in narcissism corner: the story of phasm.

Free Cultural Works (CC BY-NC-SA) Malcolm McEwen (2012)

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