Story of phasm 07

The Mystic Years (2006-2010)

Connectivity lasted some 15 months and led me into forbidden lands over three continents. It bought about a realisation but similarly it left me barely capable of communicating that realisation. So I was to spend the next 4 years trying to interpret and communicate it creating in 2006 the Google web pages the lesson of the lights and a year later the animated video’s of the same name.
Then in 2008 I created the concept video the solar village but did not actually complete and upload it until the summer of 2009. This was largely because I was interrupted on the 1st day of Ramadan 2008 by the realisation that became the video from Aum to Allah. This realisation resulted in the generation of a total of six videos, the last of which; the God Seed, was completed on the night of Dwali. As the fireworks lit the skies above Delhi for the festival of light I finally clicked publish.

the birth of GSS

Free Cultural Works (CC-BY-NC-SA) Malcolm McEwen 2011


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