Story of phasm 06


My attempts to dumb down the leaflets for the Good Gardeners association resulted instead in them being inflated and so what had started out as four leaflets was rapidly becoming four sections of a chapter. A chapter that was to become plant nutrition and soil fertility, one that would introduce a new concept. I begun to work around it and before long I had come up with an outline and a title:

The Anarchists Garden

(How to Produce Food, Fuel and Raw Materials in a Post Petroleum Age).

Over the next week I put a synopsis together, sent it to a few publishers and then continued to work on the chapter Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility. Some eight weeks later and within days of each other I received responses from two publishers ; both expressing an interest and asking for a sample chapter. I had as it happened almost finished Plant nutrition and soil fertility and so with this impetus I soon had it completed, posted and accompanied with a covering letter explaining that it was the most technical of the chapters. I then returned to my computer and begun to work on another chapter; Gaia in the Garden.

Gaia in the garden was subtitled global processes at the local scale. It was not an easy chapter to write and needed a means to translate and organise data at and through different scales. Such a system needed to be as simple as possible but still capable of accommodating highly complex relationships. In plant nutrition and soil fertility I had devised a nutritional system called the 3-4-5 nutrient model which pretty much took care of the chemical processes relevant to plant growth. In addition we had the physical processes; the hydrological, gaseous and textural or mineral component and the biological processes; the plant, animal and microbial.


Thus Gaia in the Garden begun with a new model in which I hoped to demonstrate the relationships and pathways between the macro and the micro. The model was intrinsically simple, consisting of three groups, the Chemical, the Physical and the Biological in which there were three more and in them three more again. It was recursive abut in more than one direction for it was itself just one of three components in a larger planetary model which again was just a component in a greater solar model.

In exploring this recursiveness I began to have a realisation, one that ultimately stimulated a massive spiritual awakening and a month later I was to find myself traversing India and encountering lights and interpreting messages. Phasm went on hold, the domain and host contracts went un-serviced and were lost and though I continued to write I now wrote about the experiences and journey I was on. One I called Connectivity and one recorded in the book of the same name: ‘Connectivity

To download connectivity please visit my blog conceptual reflections on my other main site (working for a free world)

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