About phasm

Persephone Habitat and Soil Management has a mission:

To Turn a Blue Planet Green

Phasm intends to achieve this through direct professional assistance and by propagating an integrated environmental management system, Di-Functional Modelling (DFM). Through direct contact paralleled with on line management phasm hopes to provide a framework in which projects and advisers can quickly and easily communicate. It is as much a social experiment as it is one in sustainable habitat and soil management.

Guerrilla Soil Science (The method)
The back bone of phasm is the methods and modelling techniques used in the Guerrilla Soil Science Pages. Here is an explanation of the soil, it’s physical, chemical and biological properties. The reasoning, benefits and methodology in the manufacture of compost and how plant nutrition differs from Human.

GSS projects (The Playing Field)
We don’t mess about either at phasm and Di-Functional Modelling won’t let you either. It’s too complex and encompassing for anything but the real thing. So we have projects in Kashmir, Cameroon and Southern India. We also like to promote our ideas at home and so designed a science garden project for teaching key stage one and two of the national curriculum. Furthermore we have a great concept for using football to teach habitat and soil management to illiterate farmers. But best of All we’ve got this far without any funding: no organisation government or otherwise has spent a penny on us. Anyway these are our projects:

Fertility Footie
Well it’s the cup boys! And winners don’t think like losers.. so we are keeping mum on this project for now! When we do have something to share, we will: Fertility Footie

Scattered across the net are profiles and links to me and one of the more productive originates from idealist.org. A largely American site ‘action without borders’ has proved useful to me, as I’m sure many others, with last summer the arrival of a message from Edwin in Cameroon. Edwin runs a small self help farming group in Kumbo Cameroon: Together Edwin and his group were pooling their resources, sharing their knowledge and trying to plan and build a better future: and we at phasm were looking for someone like Edwin! So this is what we, together have come up with. IRCCA Cameroon

My connection to Kashmir goes back to 2004/5 and the journey recorded in Connectivity. As much as I have tried it is impossible for me to separate the mystical and spiritual significance of this connection; one well summed up by this ditto I wrote: “I looked Deep Inside Myself, I found Rubies, I found Emeralds, I found Diamonds, and When I looked up I was in Kashmir!” Sharda a small village at the confluence of three sacred rivers is a place of immense historical significance. Standing in the shadow of Ma Sharda (El Shaddai) it is the site of the Worlds first University & Library. Visit the Sharda and Khawaja Seri Pages to find out more.

Science Garden
Originally designed in 2003 this project just couldn’t find funding but didn’t lack support by teachers. We still think its a viable project and could be developed into an entirely web based and web support project thus reaching far wider than the original intention was in 2003. Such a development would similarly support any project or school that went on to construct the real garden it was intended to be. The Phasm Science Garden


Di-Functional Modelling (DFM) (The strategy)
Only an introduction to Di-Functional Modelling (DFM) at the present and as much as I want to write more on this it is a topic much easier to explain with a working example. In short DFM arranges a huge number of components into an easy to understand but highly complex and recursive ternary model. It can arrange so much data that it can only work successfully with real data. When used in conjunction with the data gathered in the first part a highly robust modelling system can be built and used to identify limitations and opportunities in habitat and soil management. The concept will thus be developed and the pages constructed through the development of the projects.

La Blog Global Village
Beyond the singing wire! It’s the 21st Century and the tribal drums are about to get all Dubbed up! Because after the Bio, Geo, Hydro and Atmosphere of phasm’s DFM comes the Blog-sphere! A global forum in which our projects and contributors can talk, exchange and air views, and information, share problems and find solutions. We have created several categories to help with the structuring of this and whilst it is largely an organic experiment I will keep my hand on the proverbial tiller here!

Contact and Subscriptions Getting Involved! Please do. You don’t have to be a farmer, an environmentalist, an expert or a sponsor to be part of phasm! We are a portal; a research, disseminate and teach operation and we have no exclusions! On board our Ship there is room for everyone so we invite you to come aboard and experience:



References and Links

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Free Cultural Works (CC BY-NC-SA) : Malcolm McEwen (2012)

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