Turning a Blue Planet Green

Persephone Habitat and Soil Management (phasm.co.uk) is a virtual consultancy that offers free resources and advice to individuals and organisations working towards Turning a Blue Planet Green.

“The principal purpose of this site is to provide the tools and technical knowledge to understand, model and manage environmental projects”.

This is achieved through the guides, videos and documentation on aspects of habitat and soil management  to be found in the Guerrilla Soil Science Pages. Guides which should facilitate a better understand of soil and environmental processes.

When used in conjunction with Di-Functional Modeling (DFM) these guides should further permit the visualisation of the background mechanisms, ‘the mechanisms between the processes‘ and the ‘hidden forces‘ that both limit and liberate the potential of a system. Using this model it is thus possible to design systems that integrate and exploit the whole ecological properties within a productive and sustainable environment.

These models are thus constructed using real data from real projects. They are not bolt on or approximated from aggregated data but tailored to the inherent properties of the existing system. The model functions to identify transformations and pathways which can then be used to identify problems, solutions and opportunities in sustainable development.

The fourth component is the means to get connected; toshare experiences and knowledge. Through the La Blog-Global feature we hope to connect projects and create a virtual village where each can share their experiences. A place where each can similarly find and exchange with the experts. We hope to build a community who can profit from the sharing of information and resources whilst Turning a Blue Planet Green.

An ongoing organic experiment phasm will continue to evolve and hopefully reflect its acronymthe phasmdescribed, in the role playing game Dungeons & Dragons as:

an amorphous blob of giant, brightly colored cells, organs, bacteria and ocean plants that can assume the form of almost any object or creature

Either way it will continue to work towards Turning a Blue Planet Green

Free Cultural Works: Malcolm McEwen (2011) (CC BY-NC-SA)

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