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Well I promised that I would get the Le Blog Global going by the end of the month and for this it’s first post I have News about the site and News from Cameroon.

Phasm in Green Mavern

With regard to phasm we applied several weeks ago for inclusion in the web directory. A Human complied search engine GreenMaven has been operating since 2006 and claims to be the world’s largest Green Search Engine. How it helps us we don’t know yet but we don’t currently see it doing any harm and have added links to the GreenMavern web pages in the top and footer widget bars. We will hopefully add more links to other organisations as when any reply to our emails!

News from Cameroon

Earlier this Month Edwin sent me the first of his reports from Cameroon, advising that:

The rains have come earlier than expected. This is usually a bad sign and signifies an inevitable short period of drought between early April and May. This is not good for it happens at the time of flowering for all biennials. Often crops like beans are seriously affected and more than half of the flowers are shed off. This alone does a great deal of damage since this particular food crop is of great economic importance that farmers cannot do without. Unlike all other food crops, its yield per unit area is the lowest but the value overrides that of all other food crops.

Poor access to water leading to drought stress has always been a problem with Legumes (Beans) which respond, as Edwin notes by dropping their flowers. Where it isn’t possible to irrigate steps to mulch the surface and reduce water loses from evaporation can help, as can the development of soil water conservation programs by increasing the organic matter content. In time we hope to look at and help Edwin to develop strategies to do just this but until such time as we find sponsorship we are left with only being able to report on issues that could be tackled and steps taken to reduce the problem. Edwin goes on to note that:

The growth of all the essential crops is adversely affected with early rains encouraging excessive aerial growth at the expense of root development. If this is followed by early drought then the growth and yield of these essential crops is adversely affected. In particular Irish potatoes, a crop of significant economic importance to the rural farmers suffers resulting in smaller tuber production. Other root crops like cocoa-yams, sweet potatoes, cassava etc suffer the same effect.

Since we cannot control the weather the solution here is to develop water conservation strategies. However as with everything we need some funding in order to make this a reality.

Well its a short sweet and simple report for our first true entry in La Blog Global. We hope though it isn’t our last and that it will as we hope develop into an interesting global news feature written and compiled by the very people it is about.

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