News from phasm

Well just to keep things rolling and googles web crawlers happy I thought I put up a quick post on the developments here and at Conceptual reflections my blog site.

News from Phasm

Starting at Home I want to introduce Edwin who as the president of IRCCA Cameroon is to be our first contributor to La Blog Global!

Welcome Aboard Edwin! For all of us this is going to be a new and interesting experiment which whilst not long out of the imbition process (when a seed takes on board water prior to germination), is definitely on it’s way to putting out the cotyledons.

So its all now down to getting that tap root anchored and encouraging some water and nutrients to flow to the emerging adventitious roots; and that is where Conceptual Reflections will hopefully come in.

Conceptual Reflections

Conceptual Reflections is the name of my blog on The blog is an experiment in telling a story, airing opinion and sharing green knowledge. I originally housed it here but it conflicted and threatened to undermine phasm, which I try to keep A-political and secular; both of which I am not!

The blog is similarly aimed at London and it is from the City I hope to get a following, although I don’t mind where you live! If you can make use of Conceptual Reflections then please do!

If successful I hope to use that following to sponsor phasm and phasm’s projects, at the very least to drive some traffic here. Although without too much help phasm is slowly driving a trickle of traffic with 5 to 10 hits a day. That’s something we need to work on and hopefully drive up and over 50 in  the next three months. Ideally 100 a day would be good and that will be our target.

For Conceptual Reflections my current traffic is 20-30 visitors a day. I’m hoping to reach 50 by the end of next week and a hundred the following week. I have an extremely ambitious target of 100,000 visitors in 3 months and in truth may be lucky to hit 10,000 over that period. But as I once said and was posted here:

Those who aim for the Stars sometimes hit the Moon,
No mean feat in itself, but still well short of the target.


thanks for reading and visiting my site.

I hope it proves useful to you and that you will , Bookmark (Ctrl+D), RSS feed or subscribe to the site and La Blog Global.

If you would like to contribute, have a project or want to become more involved please do contact me.

I’ll post again towards the end of the month and hopefully during March we can begin to post regular contributions from Edwin.




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